Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indiference sucks

Is it just me or...

not many people in our modern society feel empathy for causes that do not touch us.  I personally feel social injustices should be the burden of all of us in order to have a more equal and just society.  There's a lot lately on the news that had me thinking about this such as the Trayvon Martin case in the US (a young black man that was gunned down by a local neighborhood watch fanatic) or the fact that Saint-Petersburg passed a law that prohibits gay propaganda (such as the gay pride parade)... WTF!

I'm not American or gay... (I am black though) but I really felt compelled to share these stories and wanted to raise awareness on these issues because I was so enraged  that at this day and age,  those kind of horror stories still happen. What reaction did I get from my Facebook contacts; close to none!!!! 
REALLLLY PEOPLE!!! I get a least a few likes and comments for the times I post about getting a massage!  To me those issues are as important as bullying to teenagers.  After all, when a majority group as the means with unfair laws to make minority groups (women, blacks, Arabs, gays...) to feel irrelevant because they are different, it's up to all of us to feel disgruntled.  I don't know: maybe I'm hypersensitive but I just think that we should all look out for the obvious inequalities that some groups go through and feel concerned no matter if we are part of the concerned minorities.

So, is it just me? Let me know!

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