Saturday, April 14, 2012

Eating better

Is it just me or...
the food industry is slowly trying to kill us, without us even noticing.  Recent reports of pink slime in ground beef and the way chicken nuggets are produced got me thinking about the food I ingest... I lost you at pink slime? Pink slime refers to a commonly used meat filler and the fact that US meat producers used ammonia to make sure there is no E coli or other bacteria in that cheap meat filler made with pieces of the beef that are normally not recommendable.  Yep, you read right, ammonia as in skull and crossbones = poison sign!

If we're not very careful, which most of the times,  we are not, what with our busy lifestyles, we can ingest a lot of junk in a day. I mean who has time to stop and read every label of every item you buy at the grocery store?  Nobody is that dedicated, you say...? Well if we are what we eat, then we're slowly become living toxic waste dumping sites!!!  We don't take enough time to get informed about what composes our food, and the big corporations know this! And believe you me, they take great advantage of it.  Do you know what BHT is? It's a chemical that stops the oxidation (degradation, which is natural after a while) of food... Oh yeah and... it may or may not be cancer-causing.  It's also found in most boxes of cereal found in your local supermarket...
More than 80% of the boxes I checked had it... Unfortunately even the Fruit Loops which I love loved.  OK, it's out there, I'm a grown person that loves loved Fruit Loops, until last week!!! One of the only boxes where I didn't see any were the Cheerios, they're still safe... fiouuu.
We  then stop and wonder why we are so unhealthy, why the cancer rates are climbing and there seems to be nothing to do about it. I think it's time we start to consider all the internal and external factors. There's also the environmental factor I think we need to look at but I'm not talking about that right now.  I think we need to be more aware of what goes into our bodies.  I've recently started doing this and as a result, a simple trip to the market became a hassle, it took me more than double the time because I was actually asking myself, should I buy this????  Is this slowly giving me cancer? high blood pressure? diabetes? Insert other illness older people have here?!
So I'm going to give you simple tricks to help you on your own quest to eating better and hopefully being more healthy:
1- Avoid  processed foods: in addition to usually containing potentially armful ingredients (most of the times it's the ones you cannot pronounce and have no idea what their origin is), they usually have lots of salt or/and sugar...more than recommended
2- Eat less meat! : I know beef, chicken and pork are delicious animals that produces wonderfully finger liking products but their mass production incites the industry to pump them full of hormones and Lord knows what else to help them mature faster.  Try having a sea food or vegetarian meal once a week or finding other sources of protein such as tofu.  When  well seasoned, it can be quite tasty!
3- Eat your fruits and veggies: They're a great source of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Also I've started doing them as smoothies but use soy milk instead of regular milk of yogurt. Here's a simple recipe:
1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit (of your own liking, my personal fave is strawberry-mango)
1,5 cups of soy milk
2 tb spoons of brown sugar
1 tb spoon of honey
1 blender to put all the ingredients in and VoilĂ !

So, is it just me???

Don't be shy to leave me some comments or suggestions/recipes.

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